Devaun Bovell NCHS Class of 2013 Boston College sophomore

Devaun Bovell NCHS Class of 2013 Boston College sophomore

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I am a sophomore at Boston College majoring in marketing. I am a hurdler on BC’s Division 1 track team. Going to New Canaan High School through the ABC program has prepared me for college life academically and athletically. The study and time management skills I learned throughout my time in the program have helped me manage a very busy college schedule. I’ve been able to keep up with my schoolwork as well as perform well on the track. As a freshman, I broke BC’s indoor 60 meter hurdle record and placed 10th all time for the 110 meter hurdles. Those were two great accomplishments for me as a first year college runner, and I’m looking to improve further this coming season.

I would like to thank everyone who was on the ABC board throughout my years in New Canaan because their hard work. All the guys that I had the pleasure to live with older and younger helped me succeed in the program. It was great to have close friends who pushed me to do better and were always there to give advice when I needed it. Finally, I would like to thank my host family, the Currans. They took me in freshman year with open arms, and I quickly became a part of their family. Going on trips or even just going to a movie with them made me feel like New Canaan was a home for me throughout my time in high school. I have visited them many times since graduating from the high school, and I know that I will always be a member of the family.

Thanks to everyone who has had a positive influence on me throughout the program. What you have done for me affects my life today, and I appreciate it.

Host Parents – Mike and Candace Curran

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